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IT and Network Consulting

Your network connects your workforce with the information they need to be productive. Its setup can determine how much your employees are able to accomplish each business day.
We’re experts at helping Sacramento area design location-specific, cost-effective network infrastructure and implement network changes. Here are just a few of the ways our Network Consulting services help your business connect with confidence:

Technology Assessments

Our consultants can assess your current infrastructure and design a strategy that helps your business improve reach, performance, capacity, and reliability.

Network Design

From data centers to distributed antenna systems (DAS) and more, Caliber Networks can build your network from the ground up or add to your existing infrastructure to upgrade or replace outdated solutions.

Wireless Configurations

We work with you to make sure that your wireless network is an effective tool for providing your employees, partners, and customers with a flexible and secure access to data across your entire footprint.

Network Monitoring

We leverage cutting-edge tools and technology to watch network activity and ensure small issues are caught before they become big problems.

IT Support Services

We take pride in delivering exceptional IT support services that not only align with your specific business needs and growth goals, but our company values. By in answering every call, delivering prompt support, and following through on every task and project, we earn our client’s trust.

Our comprehensive IT support services include:

Desktop Support

From initial configuration to updates, anti-virus protection, and troubleshooting, we keep your desktops running at peak performance.

Software Integration, Administration & Updates

Ensure your software is performing as promised. We’ll evaluate your current software, complete installations, migrate data, customize applications, and train your staff on best how to best use the tools at their disposal.

Network Preventative Maintenance

We’re constantly monitoring and improving your network to implement solutions before time-consuming problems arise.

Security Solutions

Stay one step ahead of threats and vulnerabilities with our enterprise-class security solutions that provide protection for your network, data, confidential client information, and proprietary business information.

Managed Services

To stay competitive in today’s economic environment, every business is looking to reduce costs. That’s why Caliber Networks offers comprehensive IT managed services.

Our tiered maintenance agreements allow us to provide deep discounts on hourly rates, while offering clients the flexibility to select the level of support needed to meet their unique needs.

Each tier level includes the following IT support to ensure uninterrupted network performance:

  • Monitor server event viewer logs and address problems.
  • Audit server RAM and ensure available memory is at acceptable levels.
  • Audit server disk space and ensure appropriate space on all drives.
  • Review tape backups and ensure all jobs are running properly.
  • Audit device manager and address problems.
  • Review server anti-virus software, configuration, logs, and events.
  • Review and apply appropriate software patches and security updates on servers.

Tier 1: Basic Support

Receive 4 hours of remote support per month. On-site support is available at a reduced rate (-$5/hr) when needed, with a guaranteed 4-hour response time (8 am – 5 pm, M-F). No overtime fees within normal business hours.

Tier 2: Basic Plus

Receive 8 of hours of remote support per month. On-site support is available at a reduced rate (-$10/hr) when needed, with a guaranteed 4-hour response time (8am – 5pm, M-F). No overtime fees.

Tier 3: Premium

Receive 12 of hours of remote support per month. On-site support is available at a reduced rate (-$15/hr) when needed, with a guaranteed 2-hour response time (24/7). No overtime fees.